Equipment and Conditions for Rafting

The rafting on catamarans and kayaks is loved by many tourists: an active adventure on the fresh air looking at pristine nature is the guarantee of excellent holidays. However, before being involved in this journey, it is worth to find out what you need to take with you.

Clothing and Equipment

The key to a successful journey is quality equipment and clothing created for the rafting which is expensive. If you have not enough money to take cash today via online services and organize this journey. The rafting on catamarans and kayaks includes crossing the river sections with smooth water and a steam course, as well as overcoming rapids. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully think over clothes and take a few sets. Firstly, a kit for wearing on land, which includes warm pants, a jacket, gloves and a hat, secondly, a set for the rafting itself. It can be put under waterproof clothing. This kit includes thermo-trousers, a jacket, thermal or neoprene socks, an inner helmet and gloves.Rafting - Extreme but Expensive Affair

An integral part of the equipment is the upper waterproof clothing, which will make it comfortable to feel when you are rafting along the river. For this purpose, you can use both usual windproof trousers and a jacket, and suits made of membrane fabrics or neoprene. Created especially for the rafting, such a suit will make you feel as dry and warm as possible on the water.

The main role is played by shoes, in which you will feel most comfortable. It is worth to take 2 pairs: shoes for hiking and rafting shoes. The latter should be light, on a non-slip foot, with a greater size, not clamping the leg.

You need to have a life jacket, helmet and hermetic bag to buy and carry with.

Certainly, special equipment during the trip, as well as an acquaintance with the rules of Safety Techniques on the water on a catamaran and on kayaks – are integral parts of the forthcoming rafting.

Water Level and Weather Conditions

If you decide to raft in the spring, then at this time the weather is quite changeable and capricious. The complexity of the rafting along the river depends on the water level, which is subject to fluctuations depending on the weather, the average temperature and thickness of the snow cover accumulated during the winter. In the spring, the rivers, which are subject to high water, become more powerful, the water level increases as much as possible.

And it means that the spring rafting is the most intense and extreme. However, roaring powerful thresholds and real trials will give the maximum adrenaline and impressions.

Useful Tips for Travelers

Having listened to the instruction carefully, ask the guide about any questions appear, and, if necessary, contact him for help. Particular attention should be paid to the guidelines of safety during the rafting on kayaks or on catamarans. Try to follow the recommendations of the safety instructor without fail – in this case, everything will pass without any misunderstandings, and you will get maximum pleasure from rafting along the rivers! This will help to get distracted from the urgent worries, give the body a charge of vivacity and adrenaline.