KFC Mayors Cup 2011: History on the Ohio

KFC Mayors CupManuel King and Mary Grady: 1st KFC Mayor’s Cup 2011 winners

On Saturday, October 1st, KFC sponsored the very first KFC Mayor’s Cup 2011, a six mile race on the Ohio River along the waterfront in downtown Louisville.

(On the right) Roger Eaton, an avid racer and CEO of KFC,  supports Mayor Greg Fischer’s efforts to embrace the Ohio River as a underutilized recreational resource in our community.

(On the left) Doug Davis helped coordinate the 2011 ACA National Paddlesports Conference in Louisville. He, and his his wife Jessa Davis (not shown) were the official timers at the KFC Mayors Cup 2011.

Aside from having a paddling technique that looks like pure magic on the water, Manuel King, winner of the 2011 Men’s KFC Mayor’s Cup  award, is a warm and thoughtful individual and a physician in the Louisville area.

Mary Grady, a local sculptor and co-owner of  Skipping Fish Boat School was the recipient of the 2011 Women’s KFC Mayor’s Cup  award. She was paddling a traditional Greenland skin-on-frame “qajaq” that had been built at Skipping Fish Boat School. What else would you expect?