Kinds of Sport Floats in Skipping Boat School

WhiteWater – Interesting and Fascinating Type of Sport

WatersWhitewater, the most highly specialized floating discipline, an Olympic sport since 1972. It is distinguished by a high degree of formalization. In whitewater, three types of boats are used:

  • K1 (kayak single);
  • C1 (canoe single);
  • C2 (canoe double).

Boats are made of composite materials (glass, coal and organic plastics), the dimensions and weight of boats are strictly regulated for each class (for example, K1 must be at least 4 m long, 60 cm wide and weigh not less than 9 kg).

Whitewater competitions are held on artificial canals (less often on natural routes – sections of mountain rivers). The complexity of the flow elements on such routes is usually set at an average level – no higher than the third category according to the international scale.

Freestyle – Entertaining Type of Sport

freestyle raftingFreestyle is a relatively young and rapidly developing sports discipline. For freestyle, only polyethylene boats, mostly kayaks, as well as single-seat canoes and (rarely) double-seat kayaks are used. There are limitations associated with the shape, size and weight of the vessel. The essence of freestyle is the use of elementary obstacles of stormy water – barrels and shafts (less often sinks) – to perform tricks related to the rotation of the boat around all axes.

In addition, jumps are carried out (up to complete loss of contact with water), rotation of the boat in jumps, various combinations of these figures. Elements and bundles of elements are highly valued, in which the athlete controls the boat only with the hull, without using the paddle.

For freestyle competitions, an obstacle is usually chosen on a mountain river (usually a shallow barrel), safe enough for life, but creating the conditions for performing as many freestyle elements as possible. For a certain time, the athlete must perform the maximum number of elements. The jury assesses the complexity of the elements, their number and diversity, as well as the degree of intentionality and control when performing an element. Freestyle competitions are extremely spectacular, their popularity and mass character are growing rapidly. The world expert in this kind of sport is now the Canadian athlete – K.Adisson, the repeated world champion in freestyle, the author of a significant number of elements, the designer and owner of the firm “Riot”, which produces the most radical boats for the rodeo.

Extreme Rafting – Conquer the Turbulent Water

extreme raftingExtreme skipping is the most universal sports discipline. The rapid development of extreme skipping all over the world began in the 1970s and 1980s. Historically, there are significant differences between Western and Eastern approaches to rafting over turbulent water. Western athletes paid much attention to rowing slalom, later-freestyle development, and extreme trips were conducted in the form of commercial tours and much less often as extreme expeditions (mostly on kayaks). In the practice, the vast majority of athletes engaged in expeditionary rafting on mountain rivers, often in remote, hard-to-reach areas.